B♭ Minor Arrangement for 3 Musicians and 1300 Meters _ performance for Deptford X Arts Festival 2 November 2019

Separations in time created by difference in space.
Three notes played simultaneously throughout the performance begin slipping apart through time.
Rhythms shift as sounds from the past mix with our perceived present.

Documentation of Performance on 2 November 2019


        Chris Vickers - Trumpet
        Gregorio Zilio - Trumpet
        Michael Tasker - Trombone

        Nick Santos-Pedro - Boat
        Tim Norman - Boat

Special Thanks

        Charlotte Keffee
        Clem Hitchcock
        James Merchant
        Iacopo Liviabella
        Isobel Foulsham
        Jonathon Titheridge
        Lewis Heriz
        Oscar Pacey
        Tim Sargent
        Vahakn Matossian